Japan Kobe Beef/Ribeye

Chicken backs, wings, and drumsticks

Turkey wings, Leg Quarters

Ground Turkey

6 varieties of pork sausage

Baby backs


Beef & Chicken Liver

Beef Heart

Tiger Prawns, & 16/20 Shrimp

Tuna, Swordfish, & Salmon Cakes

Lobster Tails / Louisiana Crawfish tail meat

Beef bones


Chicken & Fish Fumet

Kobe’ Beef Burgers

Beef hot dogs

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Salmon sandwiches

Special Sale Items:

Don’t forget about our Meat Packs. It’s easy to put together a variety of cuts and forcemeat. Ready to be put in freezer. Let Georgetown Butcher do the work for you!

Labor Day Work Out

For Labor Day, it’s a day for preparation for seasons to change, kids going back to school, and getting that grill groove on a few more times! Kobe beef is coming in to celebrate the holiday. Put your order in so you can treat yourself:)

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