About Georgetown Butcher


When it comes to having the best variety, Georgetown Butcher guarantees the best product available. We pride ourselves in sourcing locally and representing the industry at the highest level.

We take pride in our exceptional service and quality products. Each product we carry is selected to offer a high level of both taste and nutrition. We specialize in locally sourced, humanely raised meats in addition to luxury products such as wagyu and wild game, dry-aged meats, fresh seafood, produce, cheese, and more.

Our butchers have over 60 years’ experience helping to provide only the best quality food your dollar can purchase.

Locally sourced, humanely raised meats & gourmet products from the nation’s capital: Georgetown Butcher is an old-school butcher shop where you can find specialty foods and quality meats. Our mission is to provide our customers with a variety of exquisite, quality products, sourced solely from the heart of Georgetown. 

"To shop at Georgetown Butcher is to experience friends you haven’t seen in a long time. We like our customers to observe that old school nostalgia. Everyday we try to establish that special hub in the community. A place to stop to say Hello, shop a little, and realize at Georgetown Butcher is the better way to shop!"

Paul W Branner

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