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This is a really good business - the butchers have helped us on several special occasions including preparing a small order of Italian sausage even after the business had run out because of demand. That was really generous and it tasted amazing; my spaghetti was a winner last night because of this! They also carry some unique Mediterranean food including Greek olive oil and Italian pasta. I recommend this business - very high quality and there's also a great cafe nearby (several in fact! Grace Street and Blue Bottle)
Andrew Miller
Excellent spot. Impressive selection of items, great service, and they were insistent that if I ever wanted something they didn't have, I just needed to let them know and they would source it for me. Fresh ground burger blend when I asked for it, awesome variety of steaks, high quality seafood. High end butchery is always going to be pricey, but relative to the competition Georgetown Butcher seemed to have some of the best prices in town. I'd highly recommend going here. Also just run by very kind people.
Jacob Sharpe
Wendell has created something special-- making Georgetown Butcher a must visit. From top quality product to five-star service, Georgetown Butcher further inspires one of the more lively areas of Georgetown. Be sure to ask them about their "Georgetown Cut"-- yum!
Jeremy Billy
Great place. Owner and staff are incredibly nice and helpful unlike some of the other local butchers without mentioning names. Many organic options including gluten free crab cakes. Great meats and seafood options. Adding to this review. Visited the store this weekend. wanted a NY Strip for a guest who could not eat crab cakes. picked out a great strip. After looking at the strip the butcher said it was a little dry and wanted to make sure he found a steak I would really like. Went into the back and cut a strip in front of me and said I want to make sure I am giving you a steak I would want for myself. My guest from NYC said it may have been the best steak he has ever eaten including many of the top restaurants in NY. Other butchers would not provide a service and do not care about their customers like the people working at Georgetown Butcher. We are lucky to have such a great establishment in Georgetown.
Michael Norton

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